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“Yes, you can laugh while having your consciousness raised ... this memoir proves it.”  O, The Oprah Magazine



Both deliciously funny and deeply insightful, The Perfect Gentleman (the first book of the Unimagined Trilogy) is a beguiling multi-layered memoir that has touched the hearts of readers all over the world, and has received an astonishing breadth of acclaim from all quarters.


In The Perfect Gentleman, Imran Ahmad tells his life story: from leaving Karachi, Pakistan at the age of one, after losing the ‘Bonniest Baby’ contest – which the narrator is certain was rigged – to life growing up as a Muslim immigrant in London.


From boy to man, Imran is torn between his Islamic identity and his desire to embrace the West.  With wit and humour and in delightful detail, Imran describes his quest to be the perfect English gentleman (James Bond or The Saint), his yearning for the coolest car (Jaguar XJ-S), and his desire for the most beautiful girlfriend (preferably brunette, but any kind considered).  


Imran’s journey makes thoughtful, compelling and downright delightful reading.  With a unique style and unflinching honesty, The Perfect Gentleman addresses serious issues in an extraordinarily light way, leaving readers both thinking deeply and laughing out loud.   SEQUEL NOW OUT: The  Imperfect Gentleman


NEW  EDITION:The Perfect Gentleman ISBN 1789556759 (16 Sept 2019)

SEQUEL: The Imperfect Gentleman  ISBN 1789558722  (22 Feb 2020)

“Hurrah for a memoir that isn't miserable!  Hurray for Imran Ahmad's terrific sense of humour, which has transformed a run-of-the-mill immigrant childhood into an entertaining, moving and thoroughly thought-provoking tale of our times.”

Daily Mail  (London)

“There’s more to it than meets the eye … this Trojan horse of a book.”

The Book Magazine

“THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN is the perfect memoir.  Imran Ahmad's recounting of growing up Muslim in London is wry, sometimes laugh out loud funny, and always insightful – offering a window into a world of which most of his readers will have heretofore been utterly ignorant.  His voice is bright even as he conveys  many of the darker aspects of his experiences, and brings to light the racism and indignities he and others endure. His observations of the many quandaries encountered in multicultural societies  are thought-provoking and quite entertaining. THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN is the Muslim TENDER BAR.”

Cathy Langer, Tattered Cover

“... irresistible – a charming, laugh-out-loud-funny memoir of a Muslim Pakistani boy growing up in the western world. Full of surprises, hard to put down.”

John Berendt –  author of
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil


“Occasionally, booksellers come upon a title which they believe is a defining moment in their trade.”

Clive Keeble,  Bookseller, Somerset, UK  

“Imran Ahmad is fascinating to listen to.  His message brought a big crowd of people into our offices to listen.  His wit and delivery style engaged them throughout.  Enjoyable and informative ... so many subjects ... Islam and the West, global politics, modern history, international relations, Homeland Security, even Shakespeare and spirituality, all woven by a master storyteller into a spellbinding narrative that gave many of us fresh perspectives. The audience loved it!
We sold out of his book within minutes of him finishing.  Imran, please come back again!”

Mike Faith, CEO and President,, Inc

San Francisco, CA

Selected in ‘Best Books of the Year’ lists of:



Sydney Morning Herald

Belfast Telegraph


“... a wonderful book and Imran is a gracious, poignant, and engaging speaker. Everyone who came to hear him speak at Unity Temple was mesmerized by his stories, wit, and humility. Those who have read his book have greatly enjoyed his creatively written memoir. His personal mission of seeking to re-humanize both Christians and Muslims will surely lead him to an ever wider audience.”

Rev. Alan C. Taylor, Senior Minister, Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Chicago, IL

'Wonderfully evocative and strangely touching.'   

The Sunday Times

Contact & Speaking.
a Muslim boy meets the West

“Imran, you bastard!  I'm supposed to be revising for my Congress exam, and picked up your book for “just a bit.”  Now I've read the whole damn thing! … We have so much in common, I might be your twin.”

Email from Lieut Greg Bowling – Texas National Guard


“In my opinion one of the most important books I’ve read in the last couple of years.  It’s a quietly subversive masterpiece of militant moderation, and everyone should read it.”
Jonathan Pinnock, writer; blogger,


“... successful in striking that balance, by presenting a thought-provoking debate even as it makes you laugh out loud.’”
The Hindu

'Forthright, wry, entirely enjoyable ... has an engaging voice ... his mannered prose is winning ... A scrupulously well-intentioned look at how Christians and Muslims might live respectfully side by side.'

Kirkus Reviews 

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‘Imran Ahmad came second in the Karachi Bonnie Baby competition. The photograph taken to commemorate his achievement is reproduced on the cover of this delightful book.   “Smartly dressed, suave and handsome, I looked like James Bond, although I was somewhat unsteady on my feet.”  Imran was denied the first prize – the daughter of the organizers won.  The judges were their friends.  “I began my lifelong struggle against corruption and injustice.”   ... beautifully written, funny and endearing, and in its own quiet way, important.’

Sue Townsend author of
‘Adrian Mole’ books







“ ... the mark of classic literature is that it goes straight to the heart – no matter the historical or class or ethno-cultural background of both writer and reader ...  a wonderful book and the chance to reflect again on our shared humanity.”  Letter from Jim Kable, Australian living in Japan




Originally published as Unimagined



The Perfect Gentleman

a Muslim boy meets the West


ISBN 1789556759


‘If you read nothing else this year, discover this book.’

New York Journal of Books


‘A feminist and a peacemaker ... impatient for the sequel.’

Maclean’s magazine



The Imperfect Gentleman

on an Unimagined Journey


ISBN 1789558722


‘Even better than the first book!’


Long-awaited and much anticipated ... ‘searing clarity, breathtaking honesty and a unique structure which encompasses stunning story arcs that span decades  ... guaranteed to provoke and fascinate ... explores the possibility that nothing

we hold as absolute truth may actually be so ...

and that those whom we hate may actually be worthy of our deepest love. ’



The Gentle Man

taking the Path Unimagined


The stunning third book of the extraordinary Unimagined Trilogy (and probably not the last).





(The self-published, print-on-demand, proof-of-concept, ready-for-Editor, draft sequel, 'The Imperfect Gentleman', is the blue book, bottom right.)

‘Best Books of the Year’




Belfast Telegraph
Sydney Morning Herald

“A feminist and a peacemaker ... impatient for the sequel.”


A883 MA History

“When I finished reading  Imran Ahmad’s first book, The Perfect Gentleman, I was so impressed and fascinated I told him he must write the sequel.  The result is The Imperfect Gentleman which I find even more brilliant.  With unflinching honesty, the author examines who he really is in a series of compelling stories that, taken together, demonstrate how it is possible to change attitudes and beliefs even when one is adult.  It leaves one with a feeling of Hope for humanity, so needed in the dark times we are living through.  It is a book I recommend highly: everyone should read and share with others.  Never a dull moment and literally unputdownable – I cannot wait for the next book.”    22 May 2022

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute

UN Messenger of Peace